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Frye is stepping out. Takers?

So…electric blue cowboy boots.

What do you think? I’m thinking…yes, actually, but more along the lines of an off-season villa in Greece, or lunch in Barcelona. Not to be worn in the Continental U.S., and definitely not around any cowboys, excluding those of the Rhinestone ilk, of course.  This is of course Frye’s Carlson pull-on.  Enjoy.

Buy them here


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Valentine’s Day…

Sorry for the pink deluge. I couln’t help myself.

What can I say, I’m not made of stone. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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Shod between storms…


These workboots (by Seychelles) are great for days when it may not be snowing or sleeting, but the sky is ominously dark, and the wind threatening. Brave the temperatures with these and don’t break your stride. A great between season boot.

Keep your feet dry

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Snow Day!

white mukluksIf the ice and blizzards have got you down, try a pair of these gorgeous mukluks (by Mocs) and see if you don’t feel any better. The combination of white leather, rabbit fur, and embroidered detailing would make a winter storm feel like an excuse for a long walk outstide. Steer clear of mud!

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Happy New Years!

In my constant struggle to appease my insatiable appetite for all things glittering and golden, I offfer here three equally fabulous and exorbitantly expensive footwear options for a New Year’s Eve party. While all of the shoes provide an impression of glitz, drama, and (modest) ostentation, none of the models veer-off into the realm of “trash-wear”. Bottom’s up.

Christian Louboutin

Matthew Williamson

Christian Louboutin

See the master in his domain!

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Spectator Shoes: Classic, Casual Style

bnw spectator
Similar to the saddle shoe in their two-tone palette, the first spectator shoes were designed in London, 1868, for cricket players. As the shoe evolved into a dressier style, versions of the spectator shoe became available for women (they are usually available as wingtips, or loafers). High-heel versions reached a peak in popularity from the 1920s to the 1950s.

The spectator pump experienced a revival in consumer interest in the 1990s as rockabilly culture and vintage fashion received mainstream attention. Although their popularity waxes and wanes, this (typically) white “summer shoe” with crisp lines, undoubtably remains a fine example of a dress shoe perfect for a variety of occasions.

color spectator

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Cowboy Boots: Functionality and Frippery

cboot ad

Long viewed as symbolic of American style and the Western lifestyle, Cowboy boots first entered national consciousness as a humble riding boot. The original styles, heavily influenced by Spanish vaquero designs, were made of leather, and included a high heel (roughly and inch and a half), round or pointed toe, high shaft, and no lacings. The structure of the sole and heel provided an easy fit and release from saddle stirrups.

As a result of the cattle drive era (1880s), Cowboys enjoyed an increase in wages, thus invested to a greater extent in high-quality, ornate boots. New, exotic materials were used for the construction of the boot, such as ostrich, snake, alligator, and sting ray. Decorative styles, featuring top stitching and geometric patterns, became widely available as dress boots. In later decades, cowboy boots became status symbols for those involved in Country-Western sub-cultures, and also among more mainstream film stars.


Cowboy boots have enjoyed a great period of longevity and popularity within the American market. While they remain a indelible emblem of national independence and bravura, they are also a relevant vehicle for creative design and artistic licence of their creators.

mayan boot
obama boot

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