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Fine Flats

Forget the winter, welcome spring! No more heavy boots and layered socks! Welcome fine flats, otherwise known as ballet (slippers) shoes that are commonly worn amongst girls of all ages!

An assortment of colors, slip them in your bag after a long 9-5 and the after hours lounge! I have a pair in black by Clarks Shoes that are no longer in retail, but purchased them at DSW


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Flavor in your heel!

Fun fact: “men’s shoes were replaced by shoes worn with spats – a modern version of the 17th century, spatterdashes. However, women’s shoes had narrow toes and high heels. Buttoned boots were worn with most daytime outfits, and shoes made from fine leather or fabric were worn in the evening.” The Cuban Heels pictured above are available at Macys stores nationwide and make a a great and comfortable wear at the office or a nice outting with friends.

All Hail to the Native Americans for wearing these slipperlike, warm and comfortable Moccasins which come in neutral colors; find them at for great prices! I personally like the decorated beading – great attention to detail!

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SO”F”isticated Ladies

It’s not just now women are “sophisticated”…we’ve been this way since time can tell. These Marc Jacobs Vintage Vintage Pumps are not my style!

“High heels remained popular, but the wedge heel made from wood and cork was very fashionable. In the fiftes, the narrower and higher heels called spike heels were worn, and at the end of the fifties the pointed toe was fashionable.” Take a look at these by Aldo

Whatever your choice, pretty yellows are in for the spring and summer! Find these at the nearest Aldo

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Shoe of the day

theme shoe

Frye: Carson Shortie


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