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The quest to find Kirsten Dunst’s mystery shoe

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve loved Kirsten Dunst’s style for a long time.  I’d often see candid pictures of her around wearing these sandals and was never able to track down the brand.. until now.

My internet sleuthing skills have lead me to find that the brand is Worishofer, a German comfort brand.


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Springtime kicks

One shoe that has really been gaining popularity over the years is the classic Sperry Top-Sider.  Yes, boat shoes.  Everyone from trendy women in the city to the fictional TV character Tony Soprano have been sporting the nautically inspired footwear.  They are a spring staple to any wardrobe and can even transcend seasons however I associate them most with spring.

I recommend Bluefish 2 Eye in Linen/Oat simply because the colors can go with any outfit.  It can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit.

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Fine Flats

Forget the winter, welcome spring! No more heavy boots and layered socks! Welcome fine flats, otherwise known as ballet (slippers) shoes that are commonly worn amongst girls of all ages!

An assortment of colors, slip them in your bag after a long 9-5 and the after hours lounge! I have a pair in black by Clarks Shoes that are no longer in retail, but purchased them at DSW

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Shoe of the day

theme shoe

Frye: Carson Shortie


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